Create chatbots that go beyond your wildest dreams

Addbot allows you to create enterprise level chatbots with real NLP and conversational AI while linking livechat and other features into one package.

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Grow leads and automate customer support

Multichannel Chatbots & Livechat software

  • Build in minutes
  • Place on your website and social media
  • Build from our long list of templates
  • Utilise livechat for complex tasks or deep support
  • Answer simple FAQ type questions automatically

Use our analytics and statistics to provide smart answers

Monitor paths your users take
Make sure you know exactly what your users want from your business. Track their path and time spent on your website and your chatbot.
Optimize based on data
Addbot allows you to run AB tests and optimize based on data that your customers put into the system.
Use on multiple channels
You can use Addbot on Facebook and WhatsApp to answer questions as well as on your website.
Smart automatic answers
Fetch answers automatically from your help documentation or your site search.
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Multi-Language Support

Works in any language

We have built Addbot in a way that you can use any language you wish. However our backend is only available in English and Spanish.

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    What Our Customers Are Saying

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    Easy to use

    Found Addbot and started testing. After an hour we had a chatbot on all of our 4 websites and social media. Highly recommended.

    Uler Coleric - La Llava De Oro

    Perfect for Real Estate

    At Bo we were looking for different chatbot alternatives and Addbot was the one that really clicked. Simple to build and good pricing.

    Anssi Kiviranta

    Searchbot is great

    The searchbot feature is great. Allows our users to really find what they are looking for. We have seen an increase in purchases.


    Start building chatbots today

    Building a chatbot can be done in under 20 minutes. Then just place it on your website and link to social media.