Create chatbots that live inside your content

Increase conversions on your content. Create an inlinebot and dynamically place it inside your website to drive conversions.

Place dynamically

Use an inlinebot to increase conversions

Inlinebots are a new layer of lead generation for your website. They are un-interruptive, contextual and conversational. Your website visitors will love to try them out. We have seen interaction rates up to 30% from all traffic.

  • Use dynamically based on categories in your blogs
  • Add to search pages or catalogue pages
  • Add to the bottom of your website as an extra layer of lead generation
  • Create conversational experiences

Why should your business use an inlinebot?


1. Inlinebot as another layer of lead generation – 32% more leads

On average we have seen a large increase in leads from around 15% to 45%. If used as an extra layer, meaning you will still keep your forms, and other CTA’s we have seen an average 32% lead generation increase.

2. Inlinebots don’t interrupt, but create interest

A lot of users don’t like intrusive pop-ups that asks them to sign up to their newsletter in the middle of reading an article. You can capture the same information and even more in a non-intrusive way by using an inlinebot while they are still reading the article.

3. Inlinebots direct leads to your agents or email

After answering certain questions you can link the results to agents.

4. Book meetings or demos with an inlinebot

In your inlinebots you can actually add direct meeting booking options through Calendly or our own calendar integration.

5. A fresh angle works wonders

With so much variety that’s out there millennials compare products and services before they make decisions, and prefer to engage with brands through inlinebots rather than speaking to someone over the phone.

6. Engage 24/7

Just like with the more traditional chatbots, an inlinebot will engage your customers at any time of the day.

Statistics by Serviceform

Some statistics we have gathered

Inlinebot is a great addition to your lead generation from articles, category pages, blogs and more.


More newsletter signups


More leads from category pages


User view to interaction rate

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