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The Best Live Chat Software with Powerful Chatbots Included

Utilise chatbots to answer most of your questions and use our simple, but beautiful livechat software to engage with your visitors in real time.

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Combine Chatbots and Live Chat in a powerful way

Addbot allows you to automate most of your customer queries and forward the important ones to agents that you define.

  • Up to 100 agents included
  • Forward to agents based on chatbot discussions
  • Cloud-based management tool
  • Deep statistics for analysis
  • Per agent statistics and reviews
  • And a lot more

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered here a few most commonly asked questions about the Addbot live chat and chatbot software.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. We allow you to try Addbot for up to 7 days without a charge.

How many live chat agents can I have?
  • Addbot supports up to 100 agents in every plan. We don't charge you extra for your agents. Simply invite and let them answer for you.

How does the chatbot know when to give the lead to a live agent?

You can set all this up in our builder. When you consider the customer as ``Qualified`` you can link them to the relevant livechat agent.

Can I have multiple teams inside Addbot?

Yes. You can add different teams and manage users inside the teams. You can also notify whole teams at the same time for relevant livechats.

What if we are not online?

You can build a chatbot that can answer all of the questions you wish and make sure to inform the user that they can leave their question for you to come back to.

Can I send documents or share my screen?

Yes. You can share whatever documents you wish and also get either party to share their screen via the software.

Why would I use you instead of Intercom, Tidio or any other livechat software?

Our speciality is automating the discussions with chatbots, and keeping your team and you busy with the relevant discussions. This is where we are the best in the world.

Our livechat software is fast, simple to use and clean.

Can I integrate with any other software?

Yes, we integrate with all the CRM:s like Hubspot, Salesforce and through Zapier webhooks you can integrate with practically any other software out there.

Try our live chat software now

Utilise chatbots to answer most common questions and allow your agents to handle the important chats.