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Four tools to engage and support customers

Chatbot & Livechat
Chatbot & Livechat

Build powerful chatbots in minutes and utilise multi user livechat with enterprise level features with a fraction of the cost.

Multistep forms
Multistep forms

Create dynamic multistep forms that work on any platform. Our form builder is simple and easy to use.


Create chatbots, and place them inside your content to increase lead generation, newsletter signups and interactivity of your content.


Add your information into our knowledgebase to display a help page for your users, and use this information in your chatbots answers.

Chatbot & Livechat

Chatbot & Livechat

Our chatbots allow you to create conversational flows for your customers. These help you generate more leads and automate customer support. We also allow you to simply train answers to the bots utilising our NLP framework. Route and direct your leads and answer through our multi-agent Livechat tool.

  • Easy to use builder
  • Fully customisable CSS and JS events
  • Follow all actions through statistics
  • Train your bot to answer up to thousands of customer intents
  • Build once: Use on Websites and Facebook Pages
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Dynamic forms

With Addbot you can also create beautiful dynamic conversational forms with our easy to use form builder.

  • Build complex dynamic forms in minutes
  • Process payments and create subscriptions
  • Automatically send emails
  • Make long forms simple and beautiful
  • +15 Question types
  • Place anywhere or link users directly

Inline bot

Enhance your content by placing interactive chatbots within your blogs landing pages or anywhere you wish.

  • Place anywhere inside your website
  • Gather more leads
  • Get more newsletter submissions
  • Interact with users while they are reading
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Addbot has a feature that crawls your website’s content and allows your users to search that content with keywords or specific criteria. Search through chatbots.

  • Search through chat
  • Create an index of your wesbite
  • Process up to 100 000 pages
  • No more ``I don't have an answer``


Addbot allows you to create your own knowledgebase which you can add any amount of data into. This can be then shown as a separate hosted application or pulled in your chatbots as data.

  • Create hosted knowledgebase for your business
  • Easy to use and very fast search
  • Search engine friendly
  • Use knowledgebase data in your chatbots
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Simple and easy to use

Some of our chatbot examples for different industries and use cases.

Add custom CSS and JavaScript

We allow you to customize the CSS of your chatbots in our online tool. Just modify in browser and paste.

Cross channel chatbots

Place the chatbots created with Addbot on your website, Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also utilise our API:s to build custom interfaces.

Built in integrations and webhooks

We integrate directly to the most common CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. On top of this you can link your Addbot responses to almost anything with our Webhooks and Zapier integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often ask a variety of questions about our services and our products. Here you will find the most common answers.

What is Addbot?

Addbot is a combination of four tools that we saw that a lot of marketers need in 2020. Chatbots, forms, livechat and knowledgebase software all in one.

How does Addbot’s pricing work?

We offer three different pricing plans which you can choose from. Our pricing is mostly based on the number of conversations you have. All features of Addbot are available in every plan as we want to keep the platform accessible to anyone.

The annual plan gives you two months for free. You can find more details on our pricing page.

What languages do you support?

With Addbot you can build chatbots in any language. However our backend is only available in English.

Can I create chatbots and forms for more than one website?

Yes! You can create as many chatbots and forms as you’d like for any number of websites.

Can you help me build my chatbots and forms?

Yes, we do offer installation and help services on request. We also have a premium version of our tool under

Do I need to know how to code?

Absolutely not! Creating an Addbot is easy as 1,2,3. Simply start by adding the questions you'd like to ask, then add your logo and branding and just place it on your website, Facebook page or app.

We also have ready made chatbot examples and multi-step form templates for you to start from.

However, we did create Addbot keeping developers and marketers in mind, so if you want to add that extra CSS to style your chatbots or forms or add some JavaScript functionality to it, you are more than free to do so!

What is a chatbot?

Our chatbots are practically automated livechats where you can lead your website or Facebook visitors into leaving their details, making a payment or helping them answer a question. All this without wasting your time.

Do you offer a free trial?

Addbot offers a 7 day fully free trial. During this time you have full access to our premium features, and there wont be any hidden charges. We also offer a 7 day no-questions-asked refund.

Can I have multiple chatbots on my website?

Yes! You can have as many chatbots on your website. In fact we encourage you to have different chatbots on different pages of your website to increase conversion.

Do I have to install my chatbot to test it?

The chatbots and forms can be tested without installing them. Once you have finished creating your chatbot or form, click on the preview button to see what it would look like for your viewers and test it.

Is Addbot GDPR compliant?

Yes, Addbot is used by dozens of companies under the GDPR and LOPD regulations. To do this, it means including the consent and acceptance of your privacy policies in our forms and chatbots to verify the user's consent.

For all our European customers, we store our data in data groups at Digitalocean in Frankfurt. All data is encrypted with a two-way encryption that can only be accessed using the password of your user account. Our team cannot access your data without your consent. Alternatively, we can also send a single copy of data to your CRM or server, and not store anything on our side.

All passwords are encrypted with SHA512 and also the user account keys. We also allow your team to log in with Google and use Google bidirectional authentication. This eliminates the need for a separate password. This means that, in the case of a data breach, no third party can access the information.

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